Continuous internal peer review is a hallmark of the Hawthorne Company. Before we issue a valuation opinion, it must survive internal challenge from other staff professionals. This promotes defensible opinions and helps ensure accuracy and clarity in the presentation of those opinions.

Experience Judgement • Analysis

Hawthorne Company opinions have survived many challenges in US District courts, tax courts, and other adversarial, mediation, and negotiation venues.

Shareholder Disputes

We are experienced experts in valuation opinion, litigation support, and testimony in shareholder disputes. We assist clients in dissenting shareholder lawsuits, "fair value" issues, minority interest squeeze outs, and corporate redemptions and restructurings.

Fiduciary Advisory Services

We assist corporate officers, directors, trustees, and other fiduciaries in analyzing proposed transactions to determine fairness and equity. We have issued fairness opinions and adequate consideration opinions for public and private company mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, ESOP and other qualified plan transactions, corporate restructurings, squeeze outs, and liquidations.

Taxpayer Matters

A significant part of our practice over the years has been assisting clients with estate settlements or inter-vivos gift transactions where intangible asset valuations are required. We are frequently called upon to render opinions relating to limited partnerships, trust contributions, and charitable donations.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

We are a leading provider of valuation services for ESOP companies. Our services include preliminary valuation and planning support, transaction structure consulting, adequate consideration opinion letters for transaction closings, annual update valuations, and ongoing trustee advisory services.