Client needs for financial analysis and valuation opinions arise for a host of different reasons. Our goals throughout the valuation process are to:

Adhere to Professional Standards

While the practice of valuation remains equally as much art as science, the industry has made significant progress in standardizing approaches and techniques which have been proven reliable over the years. We follow closely the practice standards published by the American Society of Appraisers, the Institute of Business Appraisers, and the ESOP Association's Valuation Advisory Committee.

Utilize the Best Available Empirical Data

Targeted access to industry, trade, market, and other information sources enables our analysts to bring appropriate analytical resources to bear in every engagement. Our clients need to know that our value opinions can withstand scrutiny - from opposing experts in adversarial proceedings, from opposing parties in negotiations, or from challenges by tax or other government regulatory authorities. Thorough empirical research is a key attribute to Hawthorne Company valuations.

Maintain Multi-Disciplinary Awareness

In addition to valuation industry standards, there exist various judicial and regulatory rulings and pronouncements governing valuations for specific purposes. Attorneys, estate planners, and other professionals rely on Hawthorne Company analysts to know the playing field. We maintain network access to the latest district and tax court judicial opinions on a wide range of valuation-related issues, as well as IRS revenue rulings, technical advice memorandums, and private letter rulings.

Exercise Prudent, Responsible Judgement

Our reputation for consistently reasonable and supportable valuation opinions is built primarily upon the seasoned, experienced judgement we bring to each engagement. Our long tenure in the business valuation field helps us to maintain a broad perspective in addressing valuation and regulatory issues. It also reassures our clients that we will be here years from now to defend the valuation opinions we render today.

Strive for Excellence

Our commitment to superior client service centers upon a long-standing dedication to intellectual growth. All of our valuation professionals maintain active participation in programs and courses of study offered by the American Society of Appraisers, the Institute of Business Appraisers, the Association for Investment Management and Research (Chartered Financial Analysts), and other organizations dedicated to intellectual excellence in the disciplines of securities analysis and valuation.