Seller Representation

Best pricing, terms, and selling conditions can only be achieved if business owners assume a participative role working in combination with highly qualified and experienced professionals. Throughout the divestiture process we work closely with clients to:

Define and Understand the Seller's Goals

Personal and business plans play an important role in the divestiture strategy when identifying buyers, establishing value, determining personal involvement in the future of the company, and conducting negotiations.

Establish Value of the Business

Through market research, valuation techniques, and an individual company assessment we identify a range of probable values.

Prepare a Comprehensive Descriptive Memorandum

To profile companies for qualified prospective buyers, we prepare and selectively distribute a detailed Descriptive Memorandum which is used as a selling tool to encourage offers.

Identify Qualified Buyers

Through our data base of buyer criteria, and our widespread business relationships, we identify appropriate potential buyers.

Evaluate Purchase Proposals

We work with other members of the client's professional team to assess the net economic consequences of various purchase proposals.

Negotiate the Purchase Agreement

As advisor and advocate throughout the divestiture process, we coordinate and conduct the business negotiations, helping to overcome and respond to objections which might otherwise block the transaction or impair value.

Close the Transaction

We work closely with clients, their management teams, and other business advisors to bring about a timely and efficient closing. Our goal is to alleviate stress, satisfy needs, and complete the desired transaction while minimizing business disruption.