Buyer Representation

Growth through acquisition is often an important strategy used by companies to enhance shareholder value and promote long-term success.

We work with corporate officers and other qualified buyers to design acquisition search programs based upon well-defined strategic objectives. Effective utilization of company team members and advisors, and an emphasis on holding core business distractions to a minimum, are benchmark considerations. During the acquisition process we work closely with clients to:

Develop Acquisition Criteria

We help clients achieve clear focus regarding objectives for business acquisition programs and develop a profile of desired acquisition candidates.

Identify, Locate and Contact Acquisition Candidates

Through the use of proprietary tools, research techniques, and professional relationships developed over many years, we identify and make the necessary confidential contacts with acquisition candidates on a local or national level.

Evaluate Serious Acquisition Candidates

Once a candidate has been qualified as a "serious" seller we prepare a financial and operations profile. The profile is presented and reviewed with the client, the client's management team, and other advisors to determine potential interest.

Structure the Purchase Proposal

Using pre-established guidelines and in close concert with the client, we structure and present purchase proposals to target companies. When needed we also arrange sources of debt or equity financing.

Coordinate Due Diligence

We strive to coordinate the efforts of all professionals on the buyer's team to complete the due diligence investigation in a thorough, efficient, and timely manner.

Negotiate and Close the Transaction

Years of experience working with attorneys, accountants, lenders, sellers, and brokers enable us to evaluate and respond to last-minute issues that might otherwise prevent the successful consummation of a transaction.